Safety, sustainability and operational efficiency are key considerations of how the CVLX site has been designed.

Environmental performance is also a key consideration.

In the lead up to construction, all potential environmental impacts are identified and tested, and plans prepared for how they will be managed. Potential sensitive issues we have identified are:

  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Odour
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Stormwater runoff to local catchments.

Environmental management plans have recently been reviewed and endorsed by the state’s independent environment regulator, the EPA. This endorsement is important as it demonstrates the project will clearly meet stringent environmental standards.

Construction Management Plans

Construction of the CVLX Project will be managed in accordance with a Construction Management Plan, endorsed by the Ballarat City Council. See the CVLX Construction Management Plans here.


CVLX will reflect some of the latest advances in both animal welfare and sustainable building practices.

  • Best practice Environmentally Sustainable Design principles have guided the way in which the site has been planned.
  • Onsite water management will harvest rainwater for reuse in the facility.
  • Solid wastes and effluent will be collected and sent for composting or safe disposal.
  • Soft flooring and limits on pen numbers will be introduced to provide better conditions for animals.
  • Electronic tagging will be investigated for the efficient tracking of livestock.
  • Landscaping will be undertaken to increase the natural vegetation on the site.

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