Community consultation is an important consideration as it gives us a greater understanding of stakeholder and interest group’s needs, expectations and interests.

Since the start of CVLX’s development, we have been in talks with site users and wider interest groups to determine how best to design, construct and operate the site.

This feedback has been valuable in helping to arrive at a design that is safe, efficient and respectful of residences and rural properties within the wider vicinity.

Regular updates will be sent to local residents and interested parties throughout the development of CVLX. To register for email updates, please email your full name and email address to

CVLX Community Grants Program

Community groups within Miners Rest and the Ballarat region seeking funds for local projects are encouraged to apply for potential funding via the CVLX Community Grants Program.

Up to $30,000 is available each year to fund quality local initiatives and programs that reflect the region’s key priorities.

Grant applications for round one are now closed.

Community Liaison

Community input has been vital in helping shape plans for CVLX. As a result, RLX, owners of the CVLX project, have established a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) so that residents, stakeholders and interest groups can continue to discuss opportunities and issues related to the project.

Membership is open to those with a clear interest in or connection to the CVLX project. Meetings are held every two months. For more information about the CVLX Community Liaison Committee and a copy of the membership application form, please contact the Community Liaison Committee at

See the CVLX Community Liaison Committee Terms of Reference here.

Community Liaison Committee Minutes

Minutes of previous CVLX Community Meeting Minutes are available here.


Local employment opportunities will be created during both the construction and operation of the new CVLX. Wherever possible, CVLX will also ensure money it spends on goods and services like printing, earthworks, hospitality and office supplies goes to local businesses.

Around 100 employees will be needed to support the construction of CVLX. Where possible, CVLX will employ locals with the right skills to work alongside specialist project teams and operations staff to complete the project.

Want to work on the project? Email your details to and we will ensure they are made available to the contractors engaged to complete the construction project.

Stay in touch

SMS Alert

An SMS Alert service has been set up to notify nearby residents of construction plans and any potential impacts these may have on residents.  Register for this service if you would like to receive timely text updates including traffic movements on local roads.  To register, text ‘OPT IN’ with your full name and mobile number to 0419 302 850.

Community Updates

Every few months, Community Updates are being delivered to local neighbours and adjacent communities to advise of important developments to do with the CVLX construction project. Copies of past updates are available here.


Interested in receiving our community updates? If you haven’t received a copy by post, register for email updates. Please send your name and address with a request to be added to our Community Update contact list to


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